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Virtual Wellness Services at Drip IV Wellness & MedSpa

Providing Everything You Need From The Comfort of Home

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Virtual Weight Loss

Experience convenient and effective Virtual Weight Loss visits at Drip IV Wellness & MedSpa. Our skilled professionals provide personalized consultations and guidance remotely, offering a range of options. These medically supervised weight loss solutions can help curb appetite, boost metabolism, and support your weight loss journey. With virtual consultations, you can receive expert advice, prescription management, and ongoing support from the comfort of your own home, empowering you to achieve your weight loss goals efficiently and safely. Start your transformative journey towards a healthier and happier you with our Virtual Weight Loss visits at Drip IV Wellness & MedSpa.

Clients who participate in our weight loss program will be required to come to the office for monthly weigh-in visits. 

Payment for packages will be collected prior to first visit. You can speak to a wellness staff member during business hours to help set you up with your package and first visits. 

877-374-7487 ext 2

Glp-1 agonists (“Skinny Shot”)  are a class of medications that have been used for the treatment of diabetes. Studies performed by pharmaceutical companies show weight loss in patients who are on these medications. Compounded medications  are created by pharmacies that have state licenses and are FDA regulated but the medications themselves are not FDA approved. Compounded medications are not studied and the safety and efficacy are not the same as those in the pharmaceutical studies. 

How it works

Every client is medically managed by one of our licensed medical providers using strict protocols. Each weight loss plan is a Three month (3) package and must be completed within 120 days of start of program. Each package consists of 3 visits with the medical provider and one visit with our nutritionist. Your initial visit will be the longest to assess your weight loss goals, exercise level, diet and overall level of health. Once a full assessment has been completed, your provider will make recommendations to help you achieve your goals and prescribe any appropriate medications to boost your weight loss. Not all patients may qualify for medication intervention based on a number of factors. This will be determined by your provider. All medications are prescribed by a fully licensed medical provider per FDA guidelines

Other services may be offered or recommended to help you along the way. It is strongly recommended that you participate in a Nutrition Counseling package at least at the beginning of your journey even if you think you eat healthy.  Our Nutrition Counselor can do a deep dive into your diet and macros and set you on a solid path. 

Medications we often use:



GLP1 Agonists (“Skinny Shot”)


And Others

If you have questions or would like to enroll with assistance, please email us at

Sexual Health Virtual Visits

Embark on a comprehensive journey towards optimal sexual health with our Virtual Sexual Health visits at Drip IV Wellness & MedSpa. Our experienced providers offer in-depth consultations, addressing a wide range of concerns including men's and women's health, PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) for HIV prevention, erectile dysfunction, low libido, HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and fatigue.

During the virtual visit, our providers can assess your symptoms, discuss your medical history, and develop personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs. Some medication treatments may require lab work, and our team can guide you through the process of obtaining the necessary tests for a thorough evaluation. We partnered with ArcPoint Labs to offer a variety of affordable lab tests, including hormone panels, lipid profiles, and HIV testing, among others.

With our Virtual Sexual Health visits, you can conveniently access expert advice, prescription management, and ongoing support from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Take charge of your sexual well-being and embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier and more fulfilling intimate life.

Love is Love
Nutritional Cooking

Nutrition Counseling Virtual Visits

At Drip IV Wellness & MedSpa, our nutrition counseling services are designed to empower you on your journey to optimal health and well-being. Our experienced nutrition coach has an MS in nutrition and a background in Kinesiology to provide patients personalized guidance and support to help you achieve your nutrition goals.

During a nutrition counseling session, our experts will assess your current diet, lifestyle, and health concerns. They will work with you to develop a customized nutrition plan that fits your individual needs and preferences. Whether you're seeking weight management, improved energy levels, or enhanced athletic performance, our nutritionists will provide you with practical strategies, meal planning tips, and educational resources to support your success.

Our nutrition counseling sessions go beyond and are designed to educate and empower you to make sustainable and long-lasting changes to your eating habits. With our guidance, you can develop a healthy relationship with food, optimize your nutrient intake, and achieve your wellness goals. Take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle with our nutrition counseling services at Drip IV Wellness & MedSpa.

Sessions are available in Three, Six or Twelve month packages.

Each package comes with 2 weeks of meal planning.

Full month meal planning with recipies can be added to any package.

If you struggle with meal planning, but have great habits already, we now offer monthly meal planning that comes with an initial consultation to discuss your habits, goals and current food preferences

Natural Skin Care

Virtual Skin Evaluation 

Want to improve your complexion and make the most of your skincare routine but don't know where to start? Book a Virtual Skin Evaluation with one of our medical estheticians and get the best recommendations for your skin and environment.

Now taking clients Nationwide. 

If you are struggling with Acne or combating dry skin or aging, speak with our team, get a full evaluation, skin care regimen recommendations and service recommendations to help your concerns. We want to see your complexion flourish. 

Single Visit: $75

Three Month Package: $175


  • 30-45 Min Virtual Evaluation with Medical Aesthetician

  • Recommended Skin Care Regimen

  • Three Month Package includes 2 follow-up appointments monthly to assess progress and make necessary changes - great for acne prone skin

  • Discounts on Full Regimen purchase - Shipping Fees apply or may pick up in office

Looking for medication support for your skincare routine?

Book a virtual appointment with one of our healthcare providers for prescriptions medications.

Single Provider Visit: $100

Commonly prescribed medications may be topical antibiotics, topical acne creams, specialty compounded skin gels or creams, hydroquinone, tretinon or others.  Medications are prescribed at the discretion of the provider when appropriate and per FDA guidelines. 

Wellness Virtual Visits

Experience the convenience and comprehensive care of our Virtual Wellness Visits at Drip IV Wellness & MedSpa. Designed for patients aged 18 and up, our virtual visits provide a convenient solution for addressing minor health issues such as urinary tract infections (UTIs), cold sores, and yeast infections.

During a virtual consultation, our healthcare professionals will listen to your symptoms, assess your condition, and provide appropriate guidance and treatment options. Whether you need a prescription for medication or recommendations for self-care, our team is here to support you.

Virtual Wellness Visits allow you to receive prompt and personalized care from the comfort and privacy of your own home. No need to wait for an appointment or travel to a clinic. Our virtual platform provides a secure and confidential environment for you to discuss your concerns and receive the care you need.

Don't let minor health issues disrupt your well-being. Take advantage of our Virtual Wellness Visits at Drip IV Wellness & MedSpa and receive the care you deserve, conveniently and efficiently.

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